Simple Photoshop Tips

Using Photoshop is much easier than you might think and it is software that can help to transform the way that you do many tasks, from designing a website to reconfiguring an image. Many photographers use Photoshop.

One of the first things that you should do is to learn a few of the keyboard shortcuts. These will help to speed up your use of the software. ‘V’ for example is the move tool, while ‘B’ is the paintbrush tool. ‘E’ is the eraser tool, something that many people want to make use of when they first start using Photoshop. Once you use it all the time the shortcuts will start to become second nature.

Those who are using images will want to make sure that the colours in them are as sharp as possible and the colour-enhancing features of the software are definitely something that you should be familiar with as quickly as possible. Learn the difference between saturation and vibrance. You can find these in the Image menu. Vibrance boosts the saturation of colours that are not well saturated, avoiding yellow and orange skin tones. This is the one that can be used for portrait images. Saturation will give an equal boost to all the colours in the image.

Those who are just starting out with Photoshop will need to learn how to boost the sharpness of the image. This allows for the image to look a little more detailed. Adding details in Photoshop is easy and it is a good idea to experiment with this particular feature of the software.

Using the filter gallery is an feature important when you start using Photoshop. A filter can help to give a special effect to the image. It is possible to use more than one filter and stack them to achieve a truly unique photo. The filters are an easy way to help you to get to know what the software can achieve but once you are more familiar with it you can use the manual functions to achieve the same effect.