Web Design Courses for Beginners

Those who want to get started in web design will be pleased to know that learning to create a website can be done for no outlay at all. There are a number of free web development courses available online and in just a few hours each week it is possible to develop the skills needed to create and run a website.

Codecademy runs a number of different courses that will help you to become a skilled web designer including coding and HTML. The online tutorials are self-guided and in no time at all you could be familiar with the basics of web design. Once you have mastered these popular coding systems you can move onto others.

One of the United States’ best technical schools, MIT also runs free online courses for those who can’t actually attend classes on campus. One of these is the Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. Study time and schedule is independent and there are many other courses all linked to programming, web development and computer science.

For hundreds of free courses it is a good idea to take a look at Coursera. This works in a similar way to the OpenCourseware run by MIT. A large number of different universities run courses on Coursera and there are courses of different lengths but plenty on computer science, web development and programming. Some of the courses are aimed at beginners, which is ideal for those who are just starting out.

The Mozilla Developer Network offers plenty of resources for those who want to improve their web development skills. This is a range of tutorials and articles that cover almost everything that you will need from the basics of web design to the use of front-end languages such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Complete beginners should look at ‘Getting Started with the Web’.